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Trend Following Trades is committed to try and make this company and service the LAST stop on a traders journey to becoming a consistently profitable Trader, whether its day, swing or position trading of Futures, Forex, Stocks. ETF's and Options - ALL using the same methodology and tools!

The TrendFollowingTrades Advanced Market Administrator II (TFT AMA II) allows you to view many markets, watch critical chart information, take trades and manage them all from this NEW, Patent Pending Trading Platform interface to NinjaTrader 7.  This interface is a "grid" type of interface sitting on the side of a couple of charts that can be populated with complete information, with a simple click on an instrument monitored in the TFT AMA II.  ALL of this can occur on one 1080P monitor (or more if desired) and it's goal is to allow traders to take the very best TFT set-ups in ANY monitored market when YOU are trading.

No more staring at charts of specific markets and trying to "pull" ticks out of a market that just isn't in a trending mode (if desired) instead, waiting for the TFT AMA II to tell YOU, the trader, that a high probability trend trade is setting up in a certain market.

When/if our LOD Strategy is completely finished, this will also hopefully allow for a very unique Training Room where for the first time full transparency will be realized with the room Educator showing ALL entries ahead of executions (market conditions permitting), and ALL NT7 execution markers for ALL trades taken with real money, all while educating on why the Strategy is taking the trades that it's taking......imagine that!

Cut your losses short, make trend following trades, and let your winners run.  Pretty simple right?

But it's no secret that the vast majority of traders will fail. The end result is usually a blown trading account, sometimes two or three accounts before the typical trader gives up their dream of becoming a professional trader.

Have You Ever Asked Yourself WHY?

Lack of intelligence? Not enough commitment or trading discipline?

Maybe, but personally, we would disagree and point to four basic factors:

  1. Trading against the trend (against BIG money)
  2. Lack of defined rules and confusion resulting in poor trading decisions (NO Trade Plan)
  3. Not holding winning trades long enough by not having a 2:1 Reward to Risk profile (unless support or resistance won't allow it)
  4. Not Back Testing
  5. Not SIM Trading Profitably and According to Trading Plan Long Enough


Just imagine, on a coin flip, over and over again, winning 2 dollars when a coin lands on heads and losing 1 dollar when it lands on tails.  Do you think that Casinos would ever have a game like that?  

OF course NOT!  

Over a short period of time you will put them out of business!  This is CLEARLY one of the largest factors that distinguishes gambling from trading.  With Trend Trading  a 2:1 Reward to risk ratio, you only NEED to be right 50% of the time to make a decent profit.  Generally, our win/loss ratio is higher than that.   As time goes on and you get better at executing this method, you too can enjoy even larger returns with higher percentage win rates.  

Now, having said that, we aren't dumb and blind, we do at times take profits before their target, but not often and not by much AND we teach YOU how and when to do this!

Have you noticed in the trading community that too many very complex trading systems (or now simplified complex confluence systems) are dominating the scene?  It seems that many new or developing traders are getting caught up in learning complex systems that require extended periods of time to learn, sometimes months if not years before becoming proficient at trading them.  Some of these systems are purely designed for scalping and little to do with Trend Trading and teaching how to place trend following trades - trades that actually give you a better chance, more often, at hitting 2:1 or greater Reward to Risk targets.

Worst even, is that so many systems try and pick tops and bottoms (areas of confluence, etc.).  Who cares, really, where exactly the market is going to turn around?  Here at Trend Following Trades, we respect these areas and either use them as a place to exit our trades OR make sure that we don't trade into them.  Are you tired of waiting for a Trend to end?  Taking trades, feeling like you're trying to "fight" the market?  

Well, you've come to the right place.  Now, you can be in 2:1 Reward to Risk trades, taking profit along the way, and when the Trend "seems" like it's going to end, just take your remaining profits and wait for the Trend to prove that it's going to continue and get back on board OR if it doesn't continue, then get on board after it confirms that it has turned around in the other direction.  No more feeling like your fighting the market, because that IS what you're doing trying to pick tops and bottoms.

Trading a complex methodology without TOTAL confidence is like driving an 18 wheeler in New York City with only a few driving lessons. OF COURSE you're going to make bad decisions. Decisions based on fear of getting hurt, confusion when so many decisions have to be made in a split second.  18 Wheeler's should be driving on the highways, but don't always have the luxury to do so, but we do!  In our many years of trading all different kinds of systems and methodologies, we have found unending evidence that traders gravitate to "complex" trading strategies, usually "outside in" top and bottom methods or systems that result in "DECISION LOCK." Decision lock results in jumping in and out of trades (often with a 1:1 Reward to Risk ratio or less), fear based trading, and simply feeling overwhelmed (usually from trying to pick tops and bottoms).



Is Complexity Hurting Traders Chances Of Success?

Traders need to focus on SIMPLE trade systems to have a real shot, and follow the money, the BIG money, which after all is what produces trends. For new traders or those who are not profitable, they need SIMPLICITY and BIG money helping them along the way!  Systems or strategies that can be followed without a lot of thought (that's right, too much thinking in trading kills you - just think about that one for a minute). A simplistic and efficient approach, following the BIG money, is the way out of the complexity storm, and that was our goal - to build a simplistic Method that can be followed by a beginning trader with only a short period of instruction and/or have an experienced trader take his/her trading to a much higher, more comfortable level.

If a trading Method is simple to use and makes logical sense and is back testable, you will finally gain confidence and your trading will be more efficient. This should be the overall objective, developing profitable trading that can be duplicated day after day - without the wild ups and downs in your daily P&L.

We make available tools and training material both live and recorded to every Member so that he/she has the ability to become proficient at executing TFT's edge in the market in a simulated environment without the effect of real money emotion.

We are starting in April 2016 a Customized Trader Training Program which for the trader that requires a more stringent time consuming predefined teaching approach, which is outside of what TFT provides as standard. This paid course (needs to applied for to ensure we don't take money from Traders looking for the "holy grail")


Taking - Trend following trades,  SIMPLICITY and FOLLOWING THE BIG MONEY needs to be the objective going forward. Using the AMA II (below) with the new single trade Automation Strategy Buttons will help in assisting Traders to catch wave 3 of many trading swings, in Elliott Wave Theory and will do so from one monitor, watching 12 markets with the Patent Pending AMA II, where trade detail is NOT LOST, full size charts are available if using two monitors or half size charts if using one of every market, one at a time and execution and control of entries and exits and in-trade management of positions, is just a single mouse click away.

AMA II Showing Automated Strategy Buttons


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