For several months now, the TFT team has worked to build an easy-to-use trading system with one goal in mind: consistent intraday trading that can be duplicated day after day. Our new trend following based system is a major shift away from the complex side of retail level trading - with a clear objective of capturing the trend and keeping stops small.

The TFT Trend System is a visually efficient trade system design that already has the TREND determined for you, the ENTRY location indicated, and the STOP management plotted (less thinking required on your part in the heat of trading).
After many months the TFT team has built the exact system we envisioned - visually clean layout, minimal indicators, and easy to understand trading rules. It’s an easy to deploy system that leaves COMPLEXITY out of the intraday trading picture. No more spending month after month trying to learn complex systems or spending hours upon hours in a trading chat room.

An extremely critical component to the TFT Trend System development was establishing simplistic trading rules and a trade plan. The rules that we did establish, had to be visually easy to follow. It’s hard to make good decision in the heat of live trading, if your charts are not easily understood. How can you make a good trading decision if you’re confused by the rules or the trading plan? This is a serious problem for traders and we’ve designed our system to be VISUALLY CLEAR for quick trade entry decisions. It’s just good common sense.

TFT System - Follow Trends

We specifically designed the TFT Trend System to tell you three things:

  1. The direction of the TREND
  2. Where to position your ENTRY
  3. Where to place your STOP

TFT Trend System - Charting Tools Components

TFT Trend System - Charting Tools Components

The core of the TFT Trend System is following short term trends that are indicated through our paint bar functionality. Two colors, one color for uptrending price action and a second color for downtrending price action. This feature is designed to keep you in alignment with the developing trend.

The second feature is the trade entry trigger line. The trade entry trigger line is used to locate value based trade entry points. The final feature is the auto-stop plot indicator. The auto-stop plots are updated at each candlestick close to show a trader where a stop should be located as they manage their active trade.

With tight stops, easy-to-understand rules, and a solid trade plan, this system works very well with a minimum of a 2:1 reward to risk money management approach. Catch the trend, cut the losers short, and let the winners run! How many times have you heard this sage advice?

Well, we've designed a system to do just that!  It's easy to learn, visually clear, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist!