TFT CT II Trading Outline Using Time Based Price Bars

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For those Traders that use Time Based Price Bars only (minute, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) to trade, please recognize that all information contained in this website for Wicked Renko Price Bars still apply to Time Based Price Bars and the CT II Trader. Adjustments need to be made for the inconsistencies of the size of the bars because Time Bars are usually different in size, whereas Wicked Renko Bars are always the same when dealing with a specific period of time. This causes us to have to set the chop zone to zero on all Time Based Charts and can be run like that or can be set by the Trader based on their own experience in working with individual instruments. We also sometimes lose one of our auto plotted set up types (4E) since it is based on a single reversal bar outside of the "value" area which is only picked up if the Time Based Price Bars are identical in size.

While we don't recommend "day trading" with time based price bars because of the dramatic advantages that our Wicked Renko Bars provide, we do understand that many Traders swing or position trade with longer Time Based Bars and we will work with Traders that wish to use these Time Based Bars for this purpose.

We are currently updating our CT II indicators to offer Time Based Price Bars as a toogle and hope to soon be able to integrate them with Wicked Renko Bars when trading. One of the upcoming advantages of our CT II SetUp Manager is that you can look at multiple time frames on one chart and will soon have the ability to choose Time or Wicked Renko as the secondary time frame for trading confirmation.

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