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Trend Following Trades Chart Trading II (TFT CT II)

The TFT CT II is the base Charting Indicator Package on which the "Core" TFT Method is designed around. It allows Traders to work with all instruments types that NT7 can chart (Futures, Forex and Stocks (as well as Options on Stocks Underlying)).

This package on a 3 month subscription is what we consider our 'Trial" subscription. Traders get "Full and Complete" access to the CT II and AMA II members area Training, live training sessions as well as past training sessions. Unlimited E-mail support and scheduled Skype support is also standard. Any Trading Method worth its weight needs to be learned, Traded in Sim and tested under a variety of market conditions and time frames. We specialize in supplying our own highly efficient Wicked Renko Bars that can be set to sizes that are suitable for Day Trading as well as sizes that are suitable for Swing Trading (we provide recommended sizes for both for most commonly traded markets and can provide both fairly quickly for any new markets).

Regardless of which type of trading you choose, if you follow the Methods path as laid out by TFT, E-mail questions when they arise (not just sit there and find a way to "break" the Method), attend the Training sessions and ASK QUESTIONS, it is our experience that Traders find it difficult to not want to pursue the TFT Method and our Company further.

TFT CT II subscribers or owners will be able to upgrade to the TFT AMA II, receiving some past credit towards the AMA II Lifetime Purchase or a CT II Lifetime Purchase. All TFT CT II and/or AMA II subscribers or owners will also have free access to any and all "Standard" Member Training Sessions. E-mail's will be sent out prior to these sessions, with as much notification as possible. Training sessions will attempt to be recorded and placed in the Members area (as long as Murphy isn't in town during the recording process) within 48 hours of the Sessions conclusion.

We don't sell fancy Boxes that look like DVD holders, we don't give "false" hope and we certainly don't even make "divine" implications of our Methods or products ESPECIALLY in reference to the "Holy Grail" or indicators that are "miraculous". If you're looking to turn your computer into a MAC machine with $5000, please keep looking, because it isn't here. Here, hope isn't part of what we teach. Hard work, Rules, dedication to our Edge, education of "Mixed Method Edges", understanding and definition of Risk, evaluation of a Traders learning "progress" of Method understanding and objectives, review of performance once Trading and the mutual understanding of the Traders dedication level towards Trading that he/she has, is what we do.

Be honest with yourself and we'll be honest with you, avoid all of the "Hype" and "To good to be true" sales pitches and remember the old saying, "if it sounds to good to be true, it almost always is".

Are you ready to get started with the next phase of YOUR Trading?

  • TFT Chart Trading using NT7 (TFT CT II) for Day and Swing Trading of Futures, Forex, Stocks, ETF's and (Options using NT7 charted underlying)
  • All TFT NT7 price action, momentum, support/resistance, swing points, divergence and swing market delta indicators for NT7
  • High Efficiency TFT Wicked Renko Bars for NT7 provided
  • Access to pertinent website training material
  • Real time plotting and Historical plotted, customizable trade entry signals and price entry line with audio trade warning alerts
  • Stop and Target placements are Method taught, handled and manipulated by NT7 ATM's using Chart Trader and/or SuperDom's
  • A 2:1 Risk to Reward Ratio for target traders or first target and then trail traders is our goal unless support or resistance is in our way
  • Background coloring for short, middle and long Term Swing Market Structures can be activated at anytime - Traders Choice
  • Printable Version of TFT's "Outlined Trade Plan"
  • Multi-Part Video Training series for that Trade Plan and many more videos explaining ALL set-ups
  • No cost frequent Training Sessions with both real market and historical market data
  • Unlimited Email and Skype Support between 2PM and 6PM EST M-F, as available
  • TFT DDWR (Daily Dynamic Wicked Renko) Bar Access available to ALL Lifetime Futures Members (Please see the DDWR Area of the the Menu Performance Section of the Website for a video explanation of exactly what it is and what it does
  • Licensed for (2) NT7 Machine ID's (must send in screen shot of NT7 Control Center --> Help--> About screen if requesting licensing of more than 1 PC). This screen shows the same NT7 license and unique NT7 machine ID for each computer.
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