This program has been created due to the high demand of individualized custom request for support that goes beyond typical indicator, method or basic trading questions. We tried initially to create a "Higher Level" Training Program, where our goal was to get small groups together for focused sessions, however, after working with the first small "Beta" group in trying to set up a course subject matter we realized that every single Trader's focus was on something completely different.

So, instead, we are offering complete customized 1 on 1 Hourly Sessions, sold in blocks of 5 hours, spaced out over a 2 week period of time. The course is fairly established now, ALL sessions being 1 hour long and starting at 4PM EST, starting with an evaluation session on a Monday, then another session on the same Tuesday and Friday, then the following Monday and Friday. This will total 5 Hours of "Face time", however, there will be an abundance of Trading homework assigned (the type of work assigned will depend on how the evaluation Monday and subsequent Tuesday turn out).

I'll be asking for snapshots of every trading Day, with NT7 markers turned on, SIM Trading only (once/if you get to that point). Even before the evaluation period begins, I'll need to see your Trade Plan (or whatever you have as a resemblance of one) so that once we get started, we'll try to get it to a point where we can both understand it so I can actually follow it with you and "Grade" the trades that you take (according to your NT7 markers), not by whether they are winners or losers, rather if they are according to your Trade Plan (that is if you are to the point where you are ready to take trades).

The above is just a small sampling of what goes on during this 2 week period that we can discuss further if you have any interest. Many Traders that have taken this course have found it extremely helpful enough so that they are on rounds 2 and 3 and seeing the results (or at least that's what I'm being told). Some that have taken this course flat out despise everything that I had to say and was asking them to do. All I have to say is this - You're not paying me to be nice to you (different from professional). During this 2 week period, I NEED to apply real money stress without having you trade real money. If you are going to trade real money and I see it, we're done with the program and there is no refund.

The purpose of this program is not to see how you handle real money emotion (unless it's established up front that this is what you want to evaluate to see if we can discover causation of Trading differences that Real Money is causing as compared to SIM), rather how you execute according to your Trade Plan (we're assuming that you've followed all of the back-testing, Sim Trading, path following, etc. that has been laid out in almost every discussion that I have and every corner that you turn inside of TFT). If no Trade Plan and no back-testing, then we'll start there. If you either don't want to do that OR think that you don't have to, then this course is not for you. Do all of that first, then come back and let's talk.

Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss further details. This is an intense program, with the goal of getting Traders that are stuck or "plateaued" at pretty much any point in their development, BUT is customizable in the sense that every trader is different and may be stuck at a different level in a different way, so it may be intense, just NOT RIGID. The only rigid part is the evaluation day (I need to know where and how you are stuck or plateaued before I can help you to find a way to move by).

Thank You!

John Karnas

This program is only available to existing Members. If you have further interest, please contact us directly either by Email or phone to discuss your individual needs.

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