Market Tea LeavesNick Mastrandrea is the author of Market Tea Leaves.

Market Tea Leaves is a free, daily newsletter that discuses and teaches market correlation.

Market Tea Leaves is published daily, pre-market in the United States and can be viewed at . Interested in Market Correlation? Want to learn more? Signup and receive Market Tea Leaves each day prior to market open. As a subscriber, you'll also receive our daily Market Bias video that is only available to subscribers.

We here at TFT watch Nick's short YouTube video EVERY trading morning to get an early "read" on what the markets have done in other countries and here in the US, during our US overnight session. He also goes over scheduled news releases for the day.

Market Tea Leaves concentrates on Market Correlation, which we really don't focus on in our daily trading routines; however, we find Nick and his daily early AM US "recap" to be a real time savings tool when preparing for the trading day.

Check it out!