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Trial Class 1 : Let's Start at the Beginning and Let You Know Some Items About Us and Make Sure That You Have All You Need to Get Through This Trial
A summary look at who TFT is and what we are all about! We also go through the required Hardware and Software Items that you'll need to get through this TFT Trial. This is an important part of getting started on the right foot. Hardware, Software as well as other required items are clearly laid out and if not available or adequate, then links to download or purchase the proper items will be provided. An explanation of what to expect from this Trial will also be discussed.
Module 1 Who is TFT and what is TFT all about?
After introducing you to the world of Trading Disclaimers, we'll talk a bit about the owners and their backgrounds as well as the different products offered by TFT and how you can use the same rules and tools whether you are Day and/or Swing Trading of Futures, Stocks, Forex or Options.
Unit 1 Unit 1 : Understanding of disclaimer (CFTC 4.41)
Unit 2 Unit 2 - Owners experienced and "live" in Trading Industry
Unit 3 Unit 3 - CT II - Chart Trading only - First Phase as Trading Educators of short and long Time Frames using same rules and tools
Module 2 Trading Statistics and TFT's Solution
In this Module we go through the unfortunately low numbers of Successful Traders that "make it" as Career Traders. We talk about what we've found to that drives those to succeed and what causes those to fail. This does NOT mean that we can make every Trader a successful Trader, however, it gives us a path to follow and one that is best to not veer off of.
Unit 1 Unit 1 : Explanation of Question -Why do 95% of Traders Fail in this Business?
Unit 2 Unit 2 : What Makes TFT Different from other Trading "companies" that fill up your inbox
Module 3 Explaining Provided Workspace Windows for Trial
We provide a pre-made workspace so that you can focus on the "TFT Experience" and have to learn as little as necessary to get as much out of this experience as possible
Unit 1 Unit 1 - Video going over Trial Workspace
Module 4 Data, Software and Hardware
To be able to get through this Trial and hopefully become a TFT Member after you're finished, we need to make sure that you have the necessary items to complete the Trial. This Module asks you, in fine detail, what you have and don't have in regards to real-time Data, necessary software and you're hardware configuration. If any of your items don't match the required minimums, we'll provide a link to get that corrected.
Unit 1 Unit 1 : Do you have NT7 Installed with ATM and Chart trader
Unit 2 Unit 2 : Do you have Realtime NT7 data
Unit 3 Unit 3 : Hardware Requirements
Module 5 Financial Information Required
This Module will present a Credit Card type of form where it will ask for your Payment Information. If at the end of the Trial you wish to purchase one of the product choices along with the Terms provided, this is the Payment information that will be used. If you wish to purchase nothing, there will be a selection for that also. If you forget about this Trial or do nothing, this Payment information will disappear after 5 days from when it's provided.
Unit 1 Unit 1 : Brief description of Entering Payment Information, what it does and why

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