John Karnas

John Karnas, Founder of Trend Following TradesJohn Karnas has been trading since the tech bubble days of 2000. John decided to learn more about this business, on a challenging statement from his immigrant father-in-law that mutual funds didn't act like stocks. Once John confirmed that this wasn’t true and learned more about short selling, he saw an opportunity at a viable, non-economically sensitive business and pursued it to its fullest.

After reading countless books, attending Webinars and learning just about anything he could find regarding trading, he decided to make a real attempt at Trading, while working a "Day" job that allowed him the flexibility to swing trade and make occasional adjustments during "good" trading times of the day. Five years into it and 10's of thousands of dollars lost later, John finally realized that he couldn't "beat" the markets. His successes in life as a Mechanical Engineer and Pilot only wound up delaying his successes in Trading.

John’s training as a Pilot and an Engineer had him programmed that he had to always be right but he soon realized that being right all of the time, was just not consistently possible in Trading. This, coupled along with "backwards" reward to risk money management ratios, led John to open his mind and actually start to listen to what he was being taught by industry leaders. Trying to be right ALL of the time was no longer an objective, but rather being right more than being wrong along with the proper reward to risk ratios, finally led him off of the path of constant failure. Since day trading was not possible during this time frame, this all had to be done with swing trading of Futures and Options. John was then able to commit more time to “day” trading and carry over the same success that he finally realized in swing trading to the “day” trading environment, with the same method and approach throughout.

Now as owner/partner of Trend Following Trades LLC., (, John tries to lay out a clear path to follow, taking into account all of the mistakes that he made during his career in his early days of Trading. Simplicity, consistent decision making along with emphasis on education of the TFT Method, proper risk to reward goals (2:1), utilization of great tools like NT7 and their Simulator (all not available when John started trading) are key to members coming in and actually becoming consistently profitable Traders.

Through TFT and its base Method, John has now developed the patent pending TFT AMA II, which allows for the monitoring and trading of many markets using single click technology to make concise trading decisions quickly and effectively. Now with Lance’s help, they have incorporated Trader executable automation on a per trade basis that is simply a button that lights up when certain filtered criteria are met. The Trader then simply has to click on this button and many different types of automated order entries and exits will be implored.

This level of automation is 75% complete on our path to a full and complete letter of direction (LOD) Strategy that will be made accessible to our Lifetime Members of the AMA II (for a fee) on a first join, first available basis (limits will be set per market). Nothing will be offered for an LOD standpoint IF/until TFT has a 5 year, fully dynamic, self-adjusted completely automated Strategy that can survive no more than a 10% high water mark draw-down, per instrument or “blended” instrument curve (Actually as of 12/15/2016, any new Members of the AMA II do NOT have access to this LOD Strategy If/When it's completely developed because of not wanting to commit too much size to this strategy to already committed member access). We have adjusted the AMA II pricing to reflect this.

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