# 1 – Getting Started With TFT

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Attention Traders

This is a Lifetime Membership service whose goal is to allow traders to be confident enough in the Methodology, software, trade plan filters, and SIM performance from back-testing, to take live trades and profit from them. Please watch the video below this paragraph, before going any further. It’s the reality, based on our own experiences as well as that of many Industry Traders, that developing Traders NEED to understand and accept. WARNING – This IS NOT an easy video to watch. If you feel that you don’t believe in the path laid out in the video, please let us know IMMEDIATELY and we will discuss what your expectations are from Trading as well as the time and effort that you are willing to spend to take full advantage of our service/support, method and indicators.

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About the Author
John Karnas has been trading since the tech bubble days of 2000. Now, as owner of, John tries to lay out a clear path to success, taking into account all of the mistakes that he made during his career in his early days of Trading. Click to learn more about John.