# 2 – Downloading and running the Members Installer

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In order to download the latest TFT CT II and AMA II Indicators for both discretionary (CT II) and semi-automated discretionary traders (AMA II), please click the logo below this text which contains the actual executable file that you need to run with NinjaTrader 7.

YOU MUST SHUT DOWN NT7, before you run the TFT_CTII_AMAII.exe installer.

Just for your information, the installer will insure that no prior workspaces (except a blank workspace named “Untitled1”) will open after installation is complete. You may receive some very strict Windows warnings, just say “yes” and “ok” to any of these “critical” warnings that may pop up in order to complete the installation of the TFT_CTII_AMAII.exe application.

Please see the video below for an actual demonstration of the above written instructions if you wish to “see” it being done. This video may not have the EXACT indicators or inputs as what you have downloaded and installed, because we are always improving/updating/debugging our indicators. Since this is just an INSTALL video, it will apply to all versions, until it no longer doesn't, then it will be changed.

The entire TFT Learning Center part of the Members Only Resources and Training section of the website continues to be revamped for the use and understanding of both the CT II and AMA II indicator suites. As a Member, please go into this area start with Section #1 and if you are a CT II user Section #1-4 completes your initial training. As an AMA II user, Section #1-6 completes your initial training.

There is another section called "Additional Learning Area", where you will find added topics that may be very helpful, depending on what it is you are trying to do (i.e. looking for chop zones, trade plan outlines, options trading, etc.).

The latest version (as of this writing - Version 42) no longer requires that you input chop zones and secondary time frames and chop zones for supported instruments. This is now calculated automatically (if you wish) just from the Instruments Primary Wicked Renko Bar Size.

Existing work spaces prior to version 42 should still work, just please check the new/added inputs to see what the new/added inputs values came in at after opening up the work spaces with the latest version of software.

If you have any questions, comments, requests or ideas of things that you want to do to, PLEASE either send us an email to or give us a call 215-909-9617, BEFORE you try to do something that you are not sure about.

Please click on the logo below to download the latest indicators
Click Logo above to download the latest indicators


TFT Default Wicked Renko Bar Sizes and Chop Zone Settings for "Day Trading" of Wicked Renko Bars for Both Primary and Longer Secondary Time Frames


Symbol Primary Chart Wicked Renko Primary Chart Chop
Secondary Set Up Wicked Renko Secondary Set Up
Exchange Traded On (check with Broker for confirmation)
ES 4WR +/- .7 6WR +/- 1.05 Globex
YM 6WR +/- 6 9WR +/- 9 Globex
NQ 7WR +/- 1 10WR +/- 1.5 Globex
TF 6WR +/- .7 9WR +/- 1.05 ICE US
FESX 3WR +/- 1.7 4WR +/- 2.7 EUREX
 FDAX 8WR +/- 3.5 12WR +/- 5.25 EUREX
DX 4WR +/- .025 6WR +/- .0375 ICE US
6E 8WR +/- .0003 12WR +/- .00045 Globex
6C 8WR +/- .0003 12WR +/- .00045 Globex
6B 4WR +/- .0003 6WR +/- .00045 Globex
CL 6WR +/- .07 9WR +/- .105 NYMEX
GC 6WR +/- .35 9WR +/- .525 NYMEX
 ZN 2WR +/- .017 3WR +/- .025 Globex
6A,6S 4WR +/- .0003 6WR +/- .00045 Globex
6J 4WR +/- .0000025 6WR +/- .0000037 Globex
EMD 6WR +/- .7 9WR +/- 1.05 Globex
Z 4WR +/- 1.5 6WR +/- 2.25 ICE EU(UK)
FGBM 2WR +/- .014 3WR +/- .021 EUREX
FGBL 3WR +/- .015 4WR +/- .0225 EUREX
ZB 3WR +/- .060 4WR +/- .09 Globex
SI 3WR +/- .01 4WR +/- .015 NYMEX
NG 4WR +/- .003 6WR +/- .0045 NYMEX
ZC 2WR +/- .30 3WR +/- .45 Globex
ZW 2WR +/- .30 3WR +/- .45 Globex
ZS 3WR +/- .75 4WR +/- 1.125 Globex
ZM 3WR +/- .30 4WR +/- .45 Globex
UB 3WR +/- .10 4WR +/- .15 Globex


The above grid is for reference of common Futures Markets that are traded. The Chop Zones are linked directly to the primary Wicked Renko chart. AlL is now calculated automatically simply based off of the Primary Wicked Renko Bar Size, however, if you turn off that feature, you have 100% control of these items, should you desire to do that. We calculate the secondary Wicked Renko charts values by merely taking both the primary Wicked Renko Bar size and its Chop Zone and multiple them by 1.5 - then rounding as you see fit.

We have also tried to provide what we believe is the exchange that these instruments are traded on, so that you can know, before trying to make them part of any workspace, whether or not you have access to them.

Any other Futures Markets that you wish to have information on, please don’t hesitate to email us at, where we will do our best to provide you with accurate information.

The above primary chart settings are based on average volatility (past year).

We now also have a way to "forecast" each instruments values on a daily basis known as (DDWR) Dynamic Daily Wicked Renko, prior to the next days trading. We have created a separate section of the website for this information (click on the performance tab) to see it. This DDWR information needs to be input before trading in the AM of each Trading day and is backed out of out Automation testing and ongoing LOD (Letter of Direction) Strategy Creation. We highly recommend that new users stick with the longer term averages, as posted above, until they get a comfortable feeling as to what TFT is doing and how you are doing with it based on YOUR Trading Plan.

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