TFT "Daily" Trade Room Rules

By entering, any Trend Following Trades Trade Room Attendees understand the following:
1) All trades taken are presumed to be done in simulation and are for educational and entertainment purposes only, even if the Trade Room moderator takes trades with his real money account. Although many of these trades can be “copied” attendees, agree that if they choose to do so, they do this at their own risk and hold harmless Trend Following Trades, LLC, its employees, vendors, contractors and affiliated persons. By entering the room, attendees agree to the above without exception, regardless of what is said, shown and discussed in the trade room.

2) Since the Trade Room Moderator(s) may be trading real money, any questions asked will be addressed at the Trade Room moderator’s convenience and discretion.

3) During AM trading hours, when looking for or managing trades, the Trade Room moderator(s) will probably not address any questions at that time. When you type questions in, please make sure that you include the market, timeframe, chart time, price, direction, and description to the best of your ability of your question.

4) Questions will be addressed once real money trading targets or stops have been reached. The target time for the Q & A session will be just before noon US Eastern time, which will be at the sole discretion of the Trade Room Moderator(s).

5) Currently, we use GoToWebinar software. This software doesn’t allow other attendees to see each other questions or comments, however, this may change in the future. If this does change then it is imperative that all attendees write their comments and questions in a professional non- insulting, non-political, non-sexist, non- racist, non- religious manner. At times the Trade Room moderator(s) may open up the microphone to allow an attendee to discuss a question or trade etc. and if at any time the moderator(s) choose to they will at their sole discretion boot attendees from the room. Once booted from the room, the attendee will not be allowed to return that day. Two boots in one month will mean permanent banning from the room without monies refunded.

6) Trade Room hours will be announced on the weekend preceding the trading week and for now one registration will be used for everyday of the week that the Trade Room is planned to be open. It will have a default time of 8AM-12PM for hours of the session. The Trade Room will be scheduled to be opened at 8AM - 11:30AM (on days that have high impact pre-market news) and 9AM-12PM (on days that have no high impact pre-market news). The email that you receive the Sunday preceding the Trade Room week will have details on the exact hours of operation for that week.

7) " Daily" Trade Room will target 4 days per week (Monday-Thursday-except holidays), 16 days per month of trading. There will be far less days open during the North American summer months and holiday seasons. There is no fixed number of days scheduled to be open. It is the responsibility of each Member to make sure that they keep track of their Trade Room credits left, and repurchase more Trade Room credits before their existing ones are used. In addition, we will keep track of each Members days since their Trade Room subscription was activated and will warn them to purchase more credits, if they wish to continue attending the "Daily" Trade Room. On the website, we will announce the number of trading days, at the end of every week, that the Trade Room has been open that week and make sure that we don’t charge Members for days where the room is not open i.e. TFT vacation, moderator(s) absence etc. We cannot, however, full fill any requests to modify a consecutive 16 day Trade Room subscription for attendees or Members own vacations or unplanned absences, this is just too hard to manage. The Trade Room subscription button will NOT be a recurring subscription charge. We may allow other non-members to participate in this trade room at higher monthly rates. We will also have Open House days were the trading public will be invited to attend up until the maximum number of room attendees has been reached, so during these scheduled days, please get in as early as you can. These Open House days will always be on Friday’s which are non-Trade Room days anyhow (unless we are trying to make up for missed days) and this time will be used to help promote Trend Following Trades methodology, tools and Trade Room, as well as answer in great detail any questions that current Members or non-Member may have.

8) Please email questions and comments to during and after the trading day items that you wish to have addressed in more detail or that weren’t able to be addressed in the Trade Room.

By clicking on the "Accept" button, I state that I have read and understand this Entire Agreement and agree to be bound by its terms.

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