20170612 Summary of Days Trading w/Trend Following Trades – (Full Day’s Trading)

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Instead of showing live market commentary of continued "Trade the Open", I've decided to go to an occasional Daily Summary of the complete day (or at least a major part of it), to show more about Trend Following Trades, LLC. and what the CT II and AMA II can do throughout the day with the Money Management Plan as it's used for Trading the entire day (different than from Trading the Open) as we enter the summertime.

Still using DDWR and having faith in that, unless the size gets so small that I'll go to the recommended "longer term" Wicked Renko sizes that are found in the members area of our website.

Some trades are taken by me (remember CFTC Rule 4.41), others are sent in by members and the rest are showing software signals as plotted in real-time.

Trying to show how it's easier (and better in my opinion) to move away from a NON-Trending market to one that's Trending, rather than change to a counter-trend style of trading (trending markets in mode "transition" don't count).

While our software adjusts its signals for counter-trend or "chop" conditions automatically (if desired), it is still better from an emotional standpoint to stay with one "style" of Trading, not with the same market, IF the software you are working with allows for this seamlessly and easily (in my opinion).

Also, Please be warned that with continued "high level" unexpected news, ongoing investigations and testimonies in Washington D.C., you need to remain nimble and focused, as these markets can move quickly, without notice, in any direction, for seemingly no reason.

Good Luck Trading!

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