20170606 Trade the Open with TFT +110 Using a 10K Account (Summertime Trading is Coming)

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Today I made a few mistakes (missed 2 nice trades and took a losing trade off of a trend scalping chart when the conditions didn't warrant it) which kept us from hitting my $400-$500 dollar target within the first hour of trading which I'm calling "Trade the Open".

Considering it's my first day back from a 3 day weekend, I'm not too upset, just concerned about what this summer has for us regarding range and movement.

Some days can be slow and sideways (which can make Trend Trading VERY difficult) and then others can be unbelievably fast and wide (I believe it's because of market moving events that occur during the summer with lower than normal volume).

In any case, I voiced over the video, explained the Trades taken so that all can be understood (agreed upon is another story)!

Good luck Trading!

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